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3 of The Most Popular Gastroenterologists in
Mt. Elizabeth Orchard Amongst Indonesians

June 18, 2024 


Mt. Elizabeth Orchard Hospital in Singapore has long been a beacon of medical excellence, attracting patients from across Asia, including a significant number from Indonesia. Its reputation is particularly distinguished in the field of gastroenterology. Here, we spotlight 3 of the most popular gastroenterologists: Dr. Cheng Jun, Dr. Luman Widjaja, and Dr. John Hsiang, whose expertise draws numerous Indonesian patients seeking high-quality care.

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Dr. Cheng Jun


MBBS (Malaya) MRCS LRCP FAMS (Gastroenterology) MRCP (Int Med) (UK) FICS FRCP (Int Med) (Edin) FRCP (Int Med) (Lond)


Expertise and Background:

Dr. Cheng Jun stands out with his robust experience and dedication to treating complex gastrointestinal disorders. Prior to his private practice, Dr Cheng was previously a consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist as well as a visiting consultant for the Singapore General Hospital. He was also a member of the medical advisory board of Mount Elizabeth Hospital. These information are extracted from the source of Mount E website.


Why Indonesians Choose Dr. Cheng:

Dr. Cheng is renowned for his patient-centered approach, taking the time to explain conditions and treatments in detail, which resonates well with Indonesian patients who seek thorough medical explanations and compassionate care.

Languages: Cantonese, English, Indonesian, Mandarin

Dr Cheng jun.webp

To request for more details,

contact or +65 6835 0388

Dr. Luman Widjaja


B Sc (St. Andrews), MB ChB (Man), MRCP (UK), M.D. (Edin), CCST (UK), FRCP (Edin) (An expert in digestive and hepatic diseases)


Expertise and Background:

A name synonymous with excellence in gastroenterology in Singapore, Dr. Luman Widjaja is known for his pioneering work in digestive and liver diseases. Indonesian patients appreciate his expertise in advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy techniques, which are crucial for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

He began his career at Singapore General Hospital as an associate consultant gastroenterologist in 1997, advancing to senior consultant in 2003. He later took on the role of director of the Nutrition Support Team, where he oversaw the care of patients requiring percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) and home parenteral nutrition. These information are extracted from the source of Luman website.


Why Indonesians Choose Dr. Luman:

Dr. Widjaja’s proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia ensures seamless communication, making him a preferred choice for Indonesian patients. His commitment to using minimally invasive techniques reduces recovery time, which is highly valued by patients traveling for medical reasons.

Languages: English, Hokkien, Indonesian, Mandarin


Dr. John Hsiang


MBChB (NZ), FRACP (Australasia), MD (doctorate)

Expertise and Background:

Dr. John Hsiang has established a formidable reputation in the treatment of pancreatic diseases and gastrointestinal cancers. His international training and experience, coupled with his research contributions, make him a top gastroenterologist sought after by patients from across Southeast Asia.

Dr. Hsiang is a highly experienced gastroenterologist with over 15 years of clinical practice. He has provided exceptional care to both local and expatriate communities and is highly respected for his professional expertise and compassionate approach. These information are extracted from the source of Mount e website.

Why Indonesians Choose Dr. Hsiang:

Known for his innovative approach to gastroenterology, Dr. Hsiang offers cutting-edge treatments that are not widely available elsewhere. His ability to provide these specialized services makes him particularly attractive to Indonesian patients looking for the best care in complex cases.

Languages: English, Hokkien, Mandarin



The choice of Mt. Elizabeth Orchard Hospital by Indonesians reflects their trust in its world-class facilities and the exceptional caliber of its medical staff. Dr. Cheng Jun, Dr. Luman Widjaja, and Dr. John Hsiang exemplify the highest standards of medical care that draw patients from Indonesia and beyond, ensuring that each patient receives personalized, expert treatment aligned with the latest advancements in gastroenterology.

For more detailed information on each doctor’s credentials and services, or to arrange a consultation, contact us at Ulink Assist.

To request for more details,

contact or +65 6835 0388

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